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desertfox 117 ( +1 | -1 )
Bobby Fischer Chuck go to chessbase.come and see how politics are discussed freely, together with many other subjects excepts chess. It is the German site related to the Fritz family of programs. They don't close threads or forums when they don't like them.
Unlike the webmaster Mike who closed our thread about Fischer here, and the two other forums. So much for the famous American democracy.
Regarding Bin Laden - yes you Americans created him to help you fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. Now he turned against you. Stop acting like some Rambo who saves the world.
I will finish my two games here and play only in, no other chess site is even close to it in any respect, including the day by day coverage of every important chess event and the number of GMs who play there.
Imperialism never paid off and it will never do in the long run. Iraq was your wake up call but you behave like an otrich, not me. By the way, the Israeli government isn't any good either. They too are learning the hard way that imperialism leads to no good.
I refuse to play in a site where freedom of speech is curtailed because the webmaster is giving in to threats of any kind.

muppyman 52 ( +1 | -1 )
suddenly you refuse? desertfox, you joined this site in 2002 and I suggest that you have held your opinion of the webmaster for quite a long time, and yet now, suddenly, you say you refuse to play on a site where you claim the webmaster is giving in to threats. That sounds just a little bit petulent to me, almost like somebody has offended you so you make the site suffer by withdrawing your august presence from among us. You are only playing two games, why bother to wait? Just leave and allow us to see if we can find a way to miss you.
pandemona 85 ( +1 | -1 )
freedom of speech If, alongside "GK related" and "Chess Related" forums there was a "Politics discussion" forum, it would have been possibly inappropriate to delete a thread that ended up as a heavy political discussion.

There isn't such a forum.

Maybe you should considering starting up your own chess site, where political and other discussion is accepted or even encouraged! By the sound of it, a lot of people are interested. I think it would be a major headache to run, though - hence why GK is not that kind of site. You should also consider running the site as a democracy, possibly with an elected 'parliment' of members voted from the players on the site?

Yes, I am being a little bit satirical here. I think it's a crazy idea! But it's the only way to get what it seems you want!

~ Stephen / pandemona
cryptos 29 ( +1 | -1 )
pandemona. all things are interrelated. To suggest you can separate chess from politics is unrealistic (just look at FIDE). I agree with desert fox. This is unjustifiable censorship. What specific justification could there be for curtailing a political discussion? The only thinkable motive is a political one.
gameknot_com 11 ( +1 | -1 )
Closing this message thread to new posts, as this discussion has little to do with chess as well.