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viva 73 ( +1 | -1 )
improvment limitation i am playing in GK since may 8 monthes have passed since i start playing chess regulary..(i played at past with my father and friends few games not more)
i began in GK with rating of 1396 and for whole 6 months i was stuck in that rating...i started to learn from ((chessmaster )) program and my rating increased about 130 points but thats it....i feel that i am improving a little but its very very slow and the improvment is very small...
is it natural and normal thing or you think that there is a limitation for every player..i mean do you think that everyone has a line in improvment that he cant cross it no matter what he does..?!!
i would like to hear you openion...
greyrabbit 38 ( +1 | -1 )
Yes and no..... In terms of lines I would like to think there is no limit if you are prepared to work hard enough at it. You can always improve even if you don't reach the top. In practical terms few people are that dedicated and so, yes, people do hit a ceiling. If you are prepared to work at it though, there is no reason you can't get better, so I'll expect to see your name on the Candidates list in a few years ;-) Good luck.
onlygb 46 ( +1 | -1 )
I think you have hit a temporary ceiling. I've hit them before. Try looking through the 7 circles thread in the chess forum about people who use tactics to take them from the 1300's to the 1800's.

The belief is that what separates a 1300 player from an 1800 player is the familiarity with tactics, not strategy, openings, or positional play.

I've been studying nothing but tactics for the past two months and I've already noticed my score rising.
jstack 77 ( +1 | -1 )
ceilings My experience with improvement in my play Is that my improvement is not steady. I often stay about the same rating for many months. This is in spite of the fact I am studying very hard. I am studying and studying and my rating stays the same. I get frustrated wondering if the studying is doing any good. Then all of a sudden my rating goes up 100 points. My advice it to keep studying and keep playing. The rating points will come eventually.
Of course there is a limit to how much you can improve. Hard work can only take you so far. No matter how hard I work I doubt I will ever be able to be a 2700+ player. But, maybe 2200 is within reach. I think most people can at least reach 1800 if they work hard enough at it.
thumper 67 ( +1 | -1 )
Viva Climbing the staircase is normal I think. You won't know how high it goes but there always seems to be another step. ;-) If you check-out my rating graph, you'll see a line that looks like a flight or stairs. They're spaced about a year apart. Each increase in the graph is directly correlated to some change I've made in the way I play this game. I bought a couple of chess books to study .... improvement. I decreased the number of games I was playing.....improvement. The desire to improve your play is what keeps someone looking for the next step. It sounds like your next jump is right in front of you. :) Play well.
ccmcacollister 209 ( +1 | -1 )
Hoping to be short with this .... I dont think there is a set limit to any given player. But something I believe to be true particularly applies when you reach a plataeu. While what you know about The Game is very important ... what you know about YOUR Game is critical.
What move do you usually err on? (I have a specific move range that is dangerous to me). What is your Performance Rating level for each of the openings you play? What is your weakest and strongest endgame? Know where you are so you know where you want to go. Study, study, study and play. What to study? Everything.
But also find strong players to model your game after. Study them until you can move like them. Get a feel for what they do. It doesnt substitute for accurate analysis ... Analysis IS YOUR GAME. Regardless of what you know or dont know. But what this and every other form of Chess knowlege does is simply add efficiency to your game. It gives you a Feel which needs proved out by analysis.
But if you know more, intuit better, then you analyze what you should be from the start and dont overlook it altogether. You understand what he is trying to do to you. And what to look at very deeply.
Things like Danger Sense, Tactics Study involve pattern recognitions and tell you when to analyze and what to look for. Still even lacking that; in corr Chess you CAN Look At Everything! If you have to. What you lack in knowlege can be made up for by dedication in that manner. If you spend enough time on your games to look at Everything. Every capture possible. Every check. Every check within 2 moves. Every piece of his that can move within 2 squares of your king. How badly do you want it? He who sees most wins most. (Once a long time ago I spent 14 hours on a move against someone who had made the World Corr Championship tournament ... to get a DRAW. Are you putting in more work than your opponent ? Are you Sure?! :-)
viva 24 ( +1 | -1 )
thanks a lot to everyone of gave me good advices that i will always put in my mind ..
i will study harder and take more time analyzing each move and my goal is to be 1800+ player at the end of this year..
all my regards.
doctor_knight 52 ( +1 | -1 )
I have found that in anything I apply myself to, I always keep losing and losing until I start to actually win. This way for tennis, chess, and other things. Just keep playing and learning from your mistakes. Try to get some books on chess, especially with puzzles and problems (of course practical ones only. The puzzles in Graham Burgess's Chess: Tactics and Strategy are really great). After working my way through many puzzles, I've noticed how my game has improved.