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ccmcacollister 93 ( +1 | -1 )
ICCF PLAYERS: Past & Present I would like to ask past and present ICCF players to declare themselves and let us know who you are, if you would be so kind. I think many of us would like to hear of other arenas of play in which our GK friends are involved. And this is a major one.
So whether you play(ed) POSTAL correspondence there or ONLINE correspondence, can we hear from you?
Regards, Craig

For EG, my ICCF info:
NAME Craig A.Collister, USA
POSTAL only: in 8th USCCC, and internationally in USA vs Italy match and ICCF Master Class. Present rating 2185 (or 2182, something close; after resigning a few in the opening to cease International play. Some of the foreign post offices were a real drag for snail mail!~ I could not stick with it. Doesn't the online solve that now tho>?)
I have not gotten to play ICCF online yet. Perhaps someday. How does it compare (for those of you who have played both modes, or perhaps still do?) ?!
chuckventimiglia 29 ( +1 | -1 )
Hi!! I played with ICCF and was a TD for the server
matches. I am no longer a TD and have not played
with them in a while.

My ICCF rating is 2081 and my ID is 514210 [I think].

Anyhow if you look up Ventimiglia you will find my stats.

Good organization just do not have the time anymore.

wrecktangle 26 ( +1 | -1 )
I played ICCF for a short time... ...about 25 years ago.

Perhaps the only famous player I played was Walter Muir, and he was most unhappy with me when I pulled a draw out of a position where he was a pawn up from move 10 on...

...or was that USCF? ...probably USCF...I'll try to find my old cards.
spijker 10 ( +1 | -1 )
I have played in the ICCF groups for a few years.
But why does ccmcacollister wants to now this?
It's not interesting at all.
ninja-knight 50 ( +1 | -1 )
OK I know how to respond to a post I am not from ICCF. I am from a website called - really lame + no ratings. I paid for a membership and two weeks later I quit playing there. For the last 3 months I have been looking for a good chess site to join and I found Game Knot! if i gave myself a rating it would be around 1680 to 1780. the best player I had a win against is Steve Tysonger. He was rated 1990 when I won, then after he joined the Air Force his rating was over 2050.
cairo 159 ( +1 | -1 )
I have played in the ICCF organization since 1979. I'm not sure exactly how many games I have played over the years, but approx. 500 - 600 I estimate.
Some of my highlights in ICCF is a follows:

I have just finished 1st in The Danish National Championship 2006 for CC-players. Here is a link to the table and the current standings: ->
My first IM-norm was in 2006: ->
My second IM-norm was in 2007: ->
My ICCF rating per 1st of October 2007 is: 2404
My ICCF ID is: 159028

One of my downsides was back in the postal days, were I was playing a Russian player and the game had been going on for more than 31/2 years and I made a clerical error and lost a perfectly healthy game :-(( Fortunately with the webserver introduction, all these stupid errors has gone away :-))
Over the years I have met and learned to know many interesting and nice people, like my 6 years here at GK! This is just proofing, that CC, is not only about chess itself, but also exchanging views and socialising among the players, even though you only in rare cases get to see your opponent in real life!

Best wishes