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triangulator 69 ( +1 | -1 )
endgame help i know I should have lost this, but how should I have handled the endgame? I am white against a expert, game was drawn- the cool thing is that this game was played on a machine tht takes notation for you, it runs for about 1,500$

1.d4 Nf6 2.e3 d5 3.Bd3 g6 4.f4 Bg7 5.Nf3 Bg4 6.c3 Nbd7 7.Nbd2 c5 8.0-0 0-0 9.Qe1 c4 10.Bc2 Bxf3 11.Rxf3 b5 12.e4 dxe4 13.Nxe4 Nxe4 14.Bxe4 Rb8 15.Rh3 Nf6 16.Qh4 h6 17.Bf3 b4 18.Bd2 bxc3 19.Bxc3 Nd5 20.Rc1 Nxc3 21.bxc3 Rb2 22.a4 e6 23.Qxd8 Rxd8 24.Bc6 a6 25.Re3 Rdb8 26.d5 Rb1 27.Rxb1 Rxb1+ 28.Kf2 exd5 29.Bxd5 Ra1 30.Re7 Rxa4 31.Rxf7 Kh8 32.Rc7 Bxc3 33.Bxc4 a5 34.Ke3 Ra1 35.Bd3 Ra3 36.Rc6 a4 37.Rxg6 Bg7 38.Ra6 Kg8 39.g4 Ra1 40.h4 a3 41.f5 Rh1 42.Rxa3 Rxh4 43.Be2 Rh3+ 44.Bf3 Rh2 45.Ra6 Kf7 46.Bd5+ Ke7 47.Re6+ Kf8 48.f6 Bxf6 49.Rxf6+ Kg7 50.Rf5 Kh7 51.Bf7 Rh1 52.Bh5 Ra1 53.Rf7+ Kg8 54.Rd7 Ra4 55.Bf7+ Kh8 56.Be6 h5 57.gxh5 Re4+ 58.Kf3 Rxe6 Line

I would preferable like advice from higher rated players(1800+) but of coarse all critics are welcome thank you
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atrifix 59 ( +1 | -1 )
I think your play in the ending is very good with only a few exceptions:

First, 24. Bc6 isn't much more than a one move threat. The bishop is better placed on f3 where it controls e2.

Second, 43. Be2? overlooks 43. Ra8+ Kf7 (43... Bf8 44. Bc4+ Kg7 45. f6+) 44. Bc4+ Kf6 45. Ra6+ Ke7 (Ke5 Re6# or Kg5 Rg6#) 46. Ra7+ Kf8 (46... Kf6 47. Kf4 and Rf7#) 47. Rf7+ Kg8 48. f6 Bf8 49. Rg7+ Kh8 50. Rg8+.

And finally, of course, 57. gxh5?? is an obvious blunder, missing 57... Re4+!. 57. g5 or 57. Rd8+ K moves 58. gxh5 win easily.

I think you lost the advantage in moves 15-20. I didn't think the Rh3-Qh4 maneuver was impressive--perhaps better would have been 15. f5, preparing 16. Bf4 and 16. fxg6. Your endgame play was very good on the whole, barring a couple of tactical mishaps, but I thought the short middlegame was weak.
triangulator 1 ( +1 | -1 )
thanks for your help! atrifix