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gunnarsamuelsson 99 ( +1 | -1 )
ways to reach chess-inspiration Theres different ways to attack chess me myself cant stand playing corr chess,Ive tried but I cant stand it, ...nethertheless I still love this site cause I love chess and all people interested in it. Its a great way of getting 2 know yourself and other people!
I really appriciated the Fischer style link some1 gave which is ->
I figure playing fischer style is a great way of training your eyes and getting away from the pressure of win/loss ego war that sometime can tear a player down.
This site is a great way to learn chess, but i feel now i enjoy only playing timed faster games at yahoo and other sites.
The idea I have posting this is to say hi and in a little way fill up the gap of the social forum and make all of u other guys and gals say hi and give tips in how to get more inspiration in this art we perform.